As the beginning of the digital wave rolled through the photo and media industry Studio Deussen was founded and ready to surf on that wave. Since then Studio Deussen offers a wide range of creative and production services to its international clients. Through Tim Deussen’s art projects and numerous ongoing discussions with fellow artists Tim continually broadens his creative horizons. Today Studio Deussen is connected to the unique and vibrant Berlin creative scene giving inspiration to his current client’s projects. This creative edge gives his clients the visibility necessary to succeed in our fast paced media driven world. Studio Deussen has the talent and resources to complete projects from inception to the finished work of art. To achieve this Tim listens carefully to the needs and ideas of his clients. Using the tools of his craft he distills these ideas into a unique artistic blend that has the authentic flavor of it`s original idea. For Tim, creating works of art including professional shoots or developing stunning animations is certainly not a one man show. Adding to this creative input Studio Deussen works teams up with the best creative talents from around the world. It`s this dialogue with his clients as well as the creative talent that inspires the projects of Studio Deussen to be more than you expect.